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Upcoming CTL Workshops

Thursday, August 20  9:00 AM 

Managing the Opportunities and Frustrations of Teaching Student Athletes 

Do you have student-athletes in your courses?  Do you love them, or are they a source of frustration, or both?  Did you know we have a Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) whose job it is pay attention to both the academic integrity and welfare of our student athletes?  Come meet our FAR and hear about strategies for helping our student athletes succeed academically. Our FAR will explain some of the relevant institutional, Mountain West Conference, and NCAA policies governing the academics of student-athletes and offer advice for supporting student athletes without increasing your workload significantly nor providing the students with impermissible benefits.

Thursday, August 20, Noon 

New York Times as Your Text? Ideas for Using Current Events to Replace or Enhance a Text 

Derek Bok, former president of Harvard, surveyed thousands of faculty members; almost all of them wanted students to increase critical thinking abilities as a direct result of the courses they teach. Many of us find that textbooks can limit critical thinking because they tend to pre-digest information for students. As a way to address this issue, it is possible to supplement course materials with a focus on current events, asking students to draw connections between world events and concepts key to mastery of the subject. Sheila Ellis, our New York Times Education Account Manager will be joining us to critically asses how current events – specifically the New York Times – might be used to enhance students’ critical thinking, global awareness, civic awareness, and research skills. Experience ways you might use the NYT, perhaps as a key part of flipping your class. As a bonus, those who register by Tuesday, August 19 will get lunch as part of the workshop.

Thursday, August 20, 2 pm 

POSTPONEDVeterans in the Classroom: What You Need to Know to Leverage Their Experience and Address Common Challenges 

Join us for an engaging and interactive presentation on understanding and supporting our veterans as they reintegrate from the active service into your classrooms. We’ll briefly explore the history of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from years past and how it looks in your college veterans today. Real life case studies will help you better understand how some veterans address coping issues such as substance and alcohol abuse. Learn how you can help support our veterans’ needs and assist them to succeed in their college careers. Walk away with the tools to refer appropriately (when necessary), resources in your area, and further online education opportunities.