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Upcoming CTL Workshops

Friday, September 19, 9 am

Why Do You Need Faculty in the Age of MOOCs: The Case for Faculty-Student Engagement – Susan Shadle and Keith Allred in ILC 315

In some idealized world, we imagine that at one point faculty primarily had a single or possible dual roles – to lecture and to publish.  Once you taught a course, all of the lecture notes were set and there was no need to get ready for class each day.  Whether or not that world ever existed is unclear – but what is clear is that faculty play multiple roles in the lives and success of their students.  Student engagement is perhaps more important than ever.  In this workshop you’ll explore ways of helping students build relationships and engage students in learning.

Friday, October 3, 9 am – Special Opportunity for Grad TAs

Assessing Student Learning Tools to Determine What Your Students Really Know before It’s too Late – in ILC 315

You prepare your classes, create your assignments, and deliver your content.  But how do you know if students really “get it”?  How do you know if they were even prepared for class?  In this workshop, you’ll learn how formative assessment can help you to gauge students’ prior knowledge and determine how well they understand course material.  You’ll also discover how using formative assessment tools can bring active learning to your classroom.  Examples of these assessment strategies that are quick and easy to implement will be provided.  NOTE: This workshop is suitable for all faculty, but is expected to be particularly useful for graduate student instructors and others newer to teaching.