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BUILD Certificate Completers

College of Arts and Sciences""

  • Kirsten Furlong, Lecturer of Art
  • erin mcclellan, Associate Professor of Communication
  • Laurel Traynowicz, Associate Professor of Communication
  • Lori Gray, Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Music Education
  • Jessica Jones, Lecturer of Mathematics
  • Beverley Sherman, Technical Records Specialist 2, First Year Writing Program
  • Claire Ostwald, Doctoral Research Assistant, Geoscience
  • Judy Wayne, Lecturer of Mathematics
  • Dan Scott, Interim Department Chair, Art, Design, and Visual Studies
  • Roger Munger, Professor of English, Director of Technical Communication
  • Karen Wadley, Adjunct of World Languages
  • Lily Lee, Assistant Professor of Art
  • Jennifer Mallette, Assistant Professor of English
  • Gina-Monica Tomulescu, Lecturer of English
  • Teresa Focarile, Adjunct Faculty of Theater, Film and Creative Writing; Coordinator for Adjunct, Concurrent Enrollment and Online Faculty Development for the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Cynthia Campbell, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Director of Family Studies
  • Jennifer Black, Lecturer of English
  • Matt Recla, Lecturer of History, Interim Associate Director of University Foundations

College of Business and Economics

  • Patrick Delana, Lecturer of Marketing, Director of COBE Undergraduate Students
  • Scott Lowe, Professor of Economics, Associate Dean of Graduate College
  • Christie Fuller, Assistant Professor of Information Technology & Supply Chain Management

College of Education

  • Sara Fry, Professor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundation Studies
  • Margaret Mulhern, Clinical Assistant Professor of Literacy, Language and Culture

College of Engineering

  • Megan Frary, Associate Professor of Materials Science, Faculty Associate for the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Jerry Fails, Associate Professor of Computer Science

College of Health Sciences

  • Jill Chonody, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Lori Watsen, Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Pamela Gehrke, Associate Professor of Nursing

Albertsons Library

  • Jodie Brown, Library Assistant 2, Acquisitions & Collections
  • Sandra Loera, Library Assistant 2, Acquisitions & Collections
  • Elizabeth Ramsey, Assistant Professor, Librarian
  • Pamela Kindelberger, Library Section Manager
  • Claudia J. Scott, Library Assistant 2, Acquisitions & Collections
  • Elaine Watson, Associate Professor, Librarian
  • Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, Dean

Extended Studies

  • Corinna Provant-Robishaw, Instructional Design Consultant, eCampus Center

Academic Support Programs

  • Pamela Craig, Graduate Assistant, Advising and Academic Support Center
  • Michael Rupp, Assistant Director, TRIO Upward Bound
  • Melissa Keith, Director, Writing Center
  • Nicolas Diaz, Academic Development and Recovery Advisor, Advising and Academic Support
  • Madison Hansen, Academic Integrity Program Director, Office of the Dean of Students

Student Affairs

  • Csea Leonard, Program Coordinator, Gender Equity Center