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BUILD: Boise State Uniting for Inclusion and Leadership in Diversity Certificate Program


The BUILD certificate program supports campus educators to gain knowledge and skills to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment on campus, demonstrate your commitment to our continuous efforts towards an inclusive Boise State University, and become a campus leader who is better prepared to promote and support inclusion and diversity efforts.

Enroll in the BUILD Certificate Program. Contact Tasha Souza ( with any questions about the BUILD Certificate Program.

The BUILD Forums Initiative expands upon the work of the certificate program. Completing the expectations of the Forums Initiative does not fulfill all of the requirements of the BUILD Certificate.

Purpose/Goals of the Certificate

  • Gain specific knowledge and skills to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment on campus, including:
    • Enhanced intrapersonal and critical awareness regarding the role one’s positionality can play in fostering (or impeding) a more inclusive campus
    • A better understanding of, and empathy for, the experiences of specific identity and cultural groups
    • Increased understanding of patterns of marginalization and systems of oppression
    • Improved communication skills for communicating effectively across difference and breaking down barriers to inclusion
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continuous efforts towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Boise State University.
  • Become a campus leader who is better prepared to promote and support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

What Counts?

An equivalent to ten opportunities are needed to complete the certificate. Other opportunities that meet the BUILD goals but are not listed below can count towards BUILD. Opportunities attended prior to BUILD enrollment may count as well. Only four opportunities can count for both BUILD and the other two CTL certificate programs (Ten Before Tenure and Teaching Innovation Program).

Taking the BUILD Core Workshop before other opportunities isn’t required, but it is strongly suggested to take the Inclusive Excellence workshop as soon as you can. If you have already attended an Inclusive Excellence session on campus (through New Faculty Orientation, Course Design Institute, etc.), you don’t have to complete the core workshop. However, please note that there are differences between all workshops.

Counts for 1 BUILD Opportunity:

  • Core Workshop: Inclusive Excellence (Required)
  • Workshops: Workshops between 1-3 hours long count for 1 BUILD experience
    • Potential workshop topics include: Microaggressions, First Generation Students, LGBTQIA+ 101 and Trans 101, LGBTQIA+ 101 and Ally Development, Intro to Universal Design, Accessibility, Implicit Bias, Difficult Dialogues, Teaching Diversity Topics
    • Workshops may be online or face-to-face
  • BUILD Initiative Dialogues (max of 2 dialogues can count towards the BUILD Certificate)
  • Tunnel of Oppression
  • Conference on Language, Identity and Culture
  • International Student Panels or Luncheons
  • MLK Events

Counts for 2 BUILD Opportunities:

Counts for 3 BUILD Opportunities:

  • First Forward Training and Mentoring
  • Universal Design and Accessibility Faculty Learning Community

Counts for 4 BUILD Opportunities:

If you have any additional questions about what counts for the BUILD Certificate, please email

Ongoing & Upcoming Opportunities

(F) = Events more applicable to faculty
(S) = Events more applicable to staff
(F)/(S) = Events applicable to both faculty and staff

Ongoing Opportunities

Upcoming Events

Indian Education Summit
June 13-14
Red Lion Hotel

To earn a BUILD certificate

Participants will complete the core workshop and select a number of learning experiences based on individual interests for development. An equivalent to ten opportunities are needed to complete the certificate. In the spirit of broad learning, there is a limit to earning more than 3 BUILD credits for learning about any one specific identity group (e.g., students with disabilities/accessibility, first generation students) to count towards the certificate. Participants can begin the program at any time and complete the requirements at their own pace. You will need to keep track of any events and activities that you participate in for the certificate. Please feel free to use this template to help you keep track. Completion of a short final reflection form will be required prior to earning the certificate.

In the spirit of maximizing your commitment to learning through such programs as BUILD, Ten Before Tenure, or the Teaching Innovation Program, we ask that you only “double dip” a maximum of 4 experiences between two certificate programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline?

  • There is no specific timeline for completing your certificate. Participants may take as long as they need.
  • Due to the number of events held by many different units on campus, participants must keep track of the events/opportunities that they have attended. This template can be filled in as you go to help you keep track!

Who can participate?

  • Currently, we are only offering BUILD for staff and faculty.

What is the cost?

  • This program is free to participate in.

Can I receive a stipend for completing the certificate?

  • Stipends are awarded based on your department’s policy. To see if you qualify to receive a stipend upon completing the BUILD certificate, please contact your department chair.

Who do I contact for more information?