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e-Portfolios at Boise State

What Is an E-Portfolio?

In academia, an e-Portfolio is an electronic collection of evidence that demonstrates a student’s “learning journey” over time. Typically, evidence contained in an e-Portfolio consists of a variety of electronic artifacts, including text, images, and rich media. An e-Portfolio often serves as both a method of demonstrating a student’s abilities and knowledge and as a means of self expression. e-Portfolios are also often used for assessment–of a student’s comprehension, skills, and growth, but also of academic programs and departments, even entire campuses.

Boise State has adopted Digication as its platform for e-Portfolios. Instructional Design and Educational Assessment provides limited orientation and training in Digication, primarily for faculty teaching University Foundations courses or courses in the First-Year Writing Program. We also provide on this site material about the pedagogical aspects of e-Portfolios, including guidelines and recommendations for teaching with e-Portfolios. Technical support for Digication is provided by the Office of Information Technology, with web pages devoted to support for students and support for faculty.

An e-Portfolio is an easy way to organize and share your work with others while tracking your learning over your Boise State career. Creating an e-Portfolio gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your experiences and coursework better than a one-page resume can. Your e-Portfolio can give you a competitive edge when looking for internships, employment or graduate schools.

In addition to sharing your work, you can also personalize your e-Portfolio to reflect who you are and the message you want to share with your audience. To learn more about e-Portfolios, begin by viewing the video below.