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Certificate Timeline

The table below shows the planned timeline for the certificate.

CoursesFall Semester, Year 1Spring Semester, Year 1Fall Semester, Year 2Spring Semester, Year 2
GCOLL 511N/ARequiredN/AN/A
GCOLL 512/513N/AN/ARecommendedPossible
GCOLL 514N/AN/ARequired (Must follow GCOLL 511)N/A
GCOLL 516Can be taken before GCOLL 511.Can be taken simultaneously with GCOLL 511.Can be taken after GCOLL 511.N/A
GCOLL 517N/AN/AN/ARequired after all other certificate requirements are met.

Notes regarding the timing of the certificate:

  • GCOLL 511 is only offered in spring semesters, so it is important to take it in the first year when you are enrolled in the certificate.
  • Teaching as part of GCOLL 512 and 513 is most easily done in the fall semester after you take GCOLL 511; however, it is also possible to do your teaching in the summer after GCOLL 511 or the following spring semester.
  • Teaching as part of GCOLL 514 must happen in the fall semester following GCOLL 511.
  • GCOLL 516 can be taken prior to GCOLL 511, at the same time as GCOLL 511, and after GCOLL 511; it can also be taken in parallel with GCOLL 514.  GCOLL 516 needs to be taken twice for the pedagogy track.  
  • GCOLL 517 should be taken after all other certificate requirements are completed.