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Teaching Support Resources

For graduate students instructors who would like to improve their teaching but are unable to participate in the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, the following programs are available (click on the program’s heading for a link to more information):

GCOLL 516 Exploration of Pedagogy

This 1-credit course is open to all graduate students at Boise State and is offered in both fall and spring semesters.  GCOLL 516 provides students with the opportunity to learn more about pedagogies for college teaching.  You will have the opportunity to learn about different teaching practices by attending and reflecting on workshops offered by the CTL, observing and meeting with different faculty members, and exploring how different pedagogies have been used in your own discipline.

TA Orientation

Each fall, the CTL sponsors a day-long orientation for graduate teaching assistants.  Learn more about TA Orientation here.

CTL workshops

Workshops offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning are open to everyone teaching at Boise State.  Learn more about the current workshops here.

Individual Consultation

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides a wide range of confidential consultation services to individuals for developmental and formative purposes. Because these services are designed to complement one another, instructors are encouraged to use them in whatever combination will help them meet their teaching goals.

Mid-Semester Assessment Process (MAP) for Classroom Courses

A mid-semester assessment is a process that allows the instructor to assess his/her teaching and gauge how and what students are learning in a particular course. Typically a MAP occurs between weeks 5 and 9 of the semester.

Classroom for Research and Innovation

The physical teaching environment is an important factor in engaging students in learning.  The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to support “Classroom for Research and Innovation“ (ILC 313), a classroom space that supports instructors in using a variety of strategies and tools to support student learning.

Faculty Spotlights

Faculty Spotlights are case studies of teaching innovations we’ve discovered here at Boise State University. Each Spotlight is composed of a video that highlights a Boise State faculty member and the exciting teaching approaches they are using in the classroom. These videos are complemented by additional resources about the particular teaching approaches used by the featured faculty member.