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Digital Distraction in the Classroom

Digital Distraction in the Classroom

With smart phones, tablets and laptops close at hand, it can be easy for students to get distracted during class. Faculty often find themselves competing with these digital devices for their students’ attention, and it can become frustrating for some. Although the easy response is to just ban the use of all digital devices in class, that in itself can cause many issues, including the following:

  • hurting those who may depend upon technology as a means to access and record information
  • increasing student anxiety by being separated from their devices (or a “Fear of Missing Out”)
  • preventing opportunities for students to interact with information outside of the classroom

So how do we help students take advantage of the powers of technology without losing them to the pitfalls of distraction? To solve this problem, the IDEA Shop has developed a set of five strategies to help you handle digital devices in the classroom:

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