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2019 Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)

As part of our faculty-development initiatives, the IDEA Shop sponsors a number of Faculty Learning Communities, some of which run for a semester while others run for an academic year. An IDEA Shop Faculty Learning Community consists of a cohort of 8 to 10 faculty members drawn from different disciplines or fields of study who collectively explore some aspect of teaching with technology, by asking questions, experimenting with technology, trying out new teaching practices, and sharing their experiences with one another and, in some instances, with the larger campus community.

The Faculty Learning Communities currently scheduled for 2019 are described below. More information is available in the Call for Applications for each Faculty Learning Community.

Design for Student Success

Faculty are invited to apply to participate during spring semester and fall semester 2019 in the Design for Student Success Faculty Learning Community (FLC). Those accepted will participate in a pilot project to explore how intentional course designs focused on student success, in combination with smart use of technology (in particular, Blackboard’s Retention Center), can be used to support students who may be considering leaving the university without achieving their educational objectives. The pilot project is a joint effort of the Center for Teaching and Learning, the IDEA Shop, and Learning Technology Solutions, with assistance from the Advising and Academic Support Center and eCampus. Its primary goal is to engage faculty in designing courses that help students succeed and that leverage tools and strategies for early identification of struggling students and for timely intervention to help them succeed. An additional goal is to develop processes and workflows to create a full system of support for struggling students (for example, handoffs from faculty to the Advising and Academic Support Center, Blackboard support, or other relevant campus agency).

Faculty in the FLC will assist the project’s principal investigators in determining how technology, course design, and early intervention can help students to develop a sense of belonging and can contribute to both student success and student retention. In particular, the project will focus on students with the following characteristics:

  • first in their family to attend college (first-generation students)
  • eligible for Pell grants
  • living off campus

Design choices that are likely to help these students are also likely to benefit other students, as well.

View the Call for Applications for “Design for Student Success.”

FLC for Open Educational Resources

Did you know students regularly go without textbooks and other course resources because they can’t afford these materials? Boise State students have paid up to $395 for a single textbook, and they often incur digital access fees on top of textbook costs. Fortunately, faculty can help students reduce these costs by adopting open educational resources (OER)—freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media useful for teaching and learning.

Instructional Design and Educational Assessment invites applications from Boise State faculty interested in exploring and implementing open educational resources (OER) by participating in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC). And you could receive a stipend of $300.00, too!

View the Call for Applications for the FLC for Open Educational Resources.