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Language Diversity and Teaching Communities

The CTL has partnered with Boise State’s English Language Support Programs to offer an extended experience to help faculty be prepared for and take advantage of our increasingly cross-cultural and multi-lingual classrooms. Language Diversity and Teaching Communities are small, interdisciplinary faculty learning communities that explore some of the following questions:

  • share ideas about teaching,
  • learn new strategies for supporting students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds,
  • develop or redesign teaching materials,
  • engage in discussions with guest speakers,
  • and develop a sense of community.

Driving Questions

  • How do we best support students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds so that ALL students in a course are challenged and enriched by the learning environment?
  • How can faculty across disciplines guide students in becoming competent members of a diverse, global community?
  • How can we make sure our course content is accessible to students of a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds?

Any questions should be directed to Gail Shuck, Coordinator of English Language Support Programs, (426-1189).