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Classroom for Innovation & Research – Virtual Orientation

If you have been accepted to teach in the Classroom for Innovation & Research, ILC 313, you will need to complete the following online orientation. The orientation is a self-paced and needs to be completed at least one week before you begin teaching in room 313. The orientation consists of two parts:

Part One: Familiarize yourself with the technology tools available in ILC 313 by reviewing the provided orientation tools which include, the 360° Virtual Classroom visit, Extended Learning Videos, and the Resource Guide.

Part Two: Complete the ILC 313 Virtual Orientation Confirmation form, indicating that you have completed the orientation.

Steps to Complete Virtual Orientation 

  • Click on the image below to explore the 360° Virtual Classroom Experience. Click PLAY and use your mouse or touch screen to navigate around the room. Click on the interactive circles to view a short introductory video for each highlighted technology. Select the circle with the arrow icon to move from room to room.
  • View the Extended Learning Videos below, paying particular interest to the technologies you are most interested in using in your course. Jot down any specific questions you may have about any of the technologies.
  • Review the Resource Guide. Use the toggle feature to discover brief descriptions, pedagogical practices, and additional resources for each of the featured technologies.
  • Complete and submit the ILC 313 Virtual Orientation Confirmation form. This form confirms that you have completed the Virtual Orientation and gives you the opportunity to request more information or additional support for teaching with technology in ILC 313.

360° Virtual Classroom Experience

Interactive 360 Image.
 •Click the Interactive 360 image to view a virtual representation of the ILC 313 classroom

Extended Learning Videos

Document CameraImage of Document Camera VideoClassroom CaptureImage of Classroom Capture Video
Flexible ClassroomImage of Flexible Classroom Video
Huddle BoardsImage of Huddle Boards Video
iClickersImage of iClickers Video
iPadsImage of iPad Video
Large Paper Flip ChartsImage of Flip Chart VideoMultimedia Lecture/CrestronImage of Crestron Video
SmartboardImage of Smartboard Video
WebcamImage of Webcam Video
Wireless ProjectionImage of Wireless Projection Video

Classroom Support: If classroom support is needed at any time during the semester please email or phone Judith Todd at 208.426.4610