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CTL Reading Library

The CTL maintains a reading library on various topics of interest to faculty.  Search the CTL Library Here.

National Teaching & Learning Forum

The National Teaching & Learning Forum (NTLF) provides first-hand accounts from faculty who are trying new teaching methods in a variety of courses. Be sure to check out these innovative teaching approaches or current topics in education. Boise State has a subscription to the National Teaching and Learning Forum.

New editions tend to come out in September, October, December, February, March and May.

National Teaching & Learning Forum (NTLF)

For off-campus access or alternate ways for you to access the new subscription:

Come and enjoy the Commons – No reservation required

As part of the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Commons is a sun-filled room set aside for all instructors including graduate assistants. It is located adjacent to the Center in ILC 316. Many faculty who have visited the Faculty Commons come to 


  • Explore the CTL Library – Albertsons Library has the same books that you can check out

  • Escape the hustle of their departmental office

  • Prepare for class or grade papers

  • Eat lunch and relax with some reading

  • Meet with a colleague